Erick Hawkins Dance Company

"the body is a clear place"

— Erick Hawkins






The Erick Hawkins Dance Company, founded in 1951, has been touring the world since the 1960’s. With unwavering integrity and uncompromising working methods, Hawkins choreography is based on a collaboration of music, art, and dance. His dances are performed to live music often composed especially for each dance along with commissioned sets by artists and sculptors. Known for a fluid, effortless style of movement, each dance is energetic yet poetic, serene yet harmonious. The Company continues today to develop dances based on Hawkins pioneering movement theory. 

'virtuosity without effort'

Hawkins technique emerged from an intense examination of the principles of dance. Insights into Zen philosophy and the essence of Haiku poetry caused Hawkins to begin to experiment with the principle of immediacy in dance. Influenced by Eastern philosophical ideas and kinesiology, Hawkins new beliefs about movement, nature, and man guided his search for new ways to train the body. Synthesizing the Eastern thought of a potentially harmonious relationship of man to nature and the value of Western scientific thought in relation to art, Hawkins felt that the quality of dance must be effortless in order to achieve a oneness of body and soul. 
Erick Hawkins understood beauty. It is the concept that underlies his technique and choreography described by Charles Reinhart at the 1988 Samuel H. Scripps American Dance Festival Award for Lifetime Achievement as “virtuosity without effort.”


Erick Hawkins Dance continues to inspire new generations of dancers. Erick Hawkins Dance welcomes your support! The Erick Hawkins Dance Foundation is a non-profit (501c3) organization registered in the State of New York. Repertory may be licensed for study and performance. Master classes, workshops, and intensives are offered throughout the year. Please contact us to discuss your needs and interests.